Date: November 1999

Re: Client DSA support in GCOS-8 COBOL Workbench

Client DSA support is introduced as standard in G8WB version 1.4.42 (32-bit version only).

Until now, you were required to use the embedded G8WB terminal emulators or the Client shell facilities provided with Open-Client-Toolkit. You are now able to use your Client applications directly, when testing your TP8 application systems in the advanced G8WB environment.

Client DSA provides a generic interface, which make your G8WB environment present itself as DSA node, accepting DSA sessions from Client applications.



Client DSA is based on Ggate and CPIC-C/GlAPI from Gallagher & Robertson. Ggate is normally used to provide Glink/Gweb with outgoing DSA sessions used to connect to GCOS8, but in this case it works in the reverse direction. It allows incoming DSA sessions to connect to the G8WB environment.

G8WB appears as DSA node that can be accessed directly, ex. Glink, Gweb or indirectly via DNS, ex Affinity Visual, UVTI, GlinkJ, Viplet.

You need to install Ggate and CPIC-C/GlAPI run-time software on a Windows NT Workstation or Server, unless you already use G&R Host Links under Windows NT. The Ggate Workstation or Server will act as a gateway towards you developers running G8WB under Windows 95, 98, NT or OS/2.

For Gweb and Glink you may connect directly to Ggate and be routed to your G8WB test environment, for other types of Client interfaces, you need to configure your remote DSA nodes (one per G8WB test environment) in DNS, and connect to the appropriate DSA node where your G8WB test environment is running.

Note: You only need a minimal number of user licenses for Ggate and CPIC-C/GlAPI run-time to support your developers. Host Links or Ggate is only supported under Windows NT (UNIX is currently not supported).

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