Date: September 1999

Re: WEB8 support in GCOS-8 COBOL Workbench

WEB8 support is introduced as standard in G8WB version 1.4.40 (32-bit version only).

You are now able to use your Browser/HTML interface directly, when testing your WEB8 application systems in the advanced G8WB environment.


WEB8 applications (HTML) are connected to TP8 through a standardized URL - http://gateway/node.mbx/0/command/options, which automatically becomes the BASE HREF for application HTML. The G8WB implementation requires changes to the initial URL http://web-server/cgi-bin/cgig8wb.exe/TPLocG8WB/command/options, otherwise the WEB8 application works the same.


The HTTP command (Forms) may be used to import HTML and graphic files into the G8WB environment and DOCS command may be used to show HTML without any programming.

WEB8 Run-time

WEB8 application TPRs may be tested without any changes, as G8WB utilize a compatible HTML database and support all the WEB8 service functions HTTP_SEND etc.

CGI Implementation

Unlike WEB8, which connect to GCOS through GEAP or a HTTP Gateway, the G8WB implementation is based on a CGI program running on a Personal, Intranet or Internet Server.

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