Date:     March 2003

Re:        GCOS8 Rehosting Express update released


We are pleased to announce the release of GCOS8 Rehosting Express v4.0.04. GCOS8 Rehosting Express is a set of powerful run-time facilities that enable Bull GCOS8 application systems to run on all leading Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms with no or limited code changes.

Here’s some of the highlights of v4.0.04:

-          Now based on Micro Focus Application Server v4.0 (Windows) or v2.2 (Linux/UNIX)

-          IBM DB2 8.0 now supported as target RDBMS

-          BEA TUXEDO 8.1 now supported as target TPMS (TP8 environment)

-          Interel/RFM database now supported using IBM DB2

-          DBSP applications fully support using ORACLE 8/9

-          Improved WEB8/GTEA/GEAP support

Existing GCOS8 Rehosting Express customers may download the update from our web site.

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