Date:     January 2000

Re:        GCOS8 Mainframe Express released

We are pleased to announce the release of GCOS8 Mainframe Express - the next generation of COBOL Workbench for BULL GCOS8 mainframe customers. GCOS8 Mainframe Express is based on Mainframe Express v2.0 from Merant - the  leading solution for off-loaded maintenance of IBM mainframe applications.

GCOS8 Mainframe Express, with its completely new Integrated Development Environment, represents another jump ahead into state-of-the-art for maintenance and development of mainframe applications on the PC workstation. Here’ some of the highlights

-          An integrated project environment making application components easy to work with

-          Just-in-time debugging (animation on the fly as required)

-          Fragment testing with Touchpoint (test parts of coding without running application)

-          Team management through workgroup feature (up to 10 levels of source, copy and load libraries)

More detailed information can be found here.

Existing GCOS-8 COBOL Workbench (G8WB) customers, having an active maintenance agreement, may upgrade to GCOS8 Mainframe Express (MFE8) subject to a favorable upgrade fee. Please contact your distributor or B & C Solution directly.

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